How to Outsource Like a Boss

Ricardo de JongRicardo de Jong

There comes a time when you can’t be your own one-man army anymore. After doing the groundwork for a while and building up a budget with your marketing efforts it’s time to look at how other companies and people can assist you in working on your assets. This will free up time for you to spend on scaling your business or that time-consuming hobby you’re looking to pursue.

With the countless sites that offer freelance services you’ll need some guidance in extracting the cream from the crop to save your valuable money and time as much as possible. Here’s a guide to outsource your business from A to Z.

Naming Your Business

You have a clear image of what your business or website is going to look like, but you’re missing that catchy, brandable name or slogan for which that .com-domain is also available.

cs-logoHere’s where crowdSPRING can assist you. This website has a large crowd (100,000+) of writers and designers that can help in putting a familiar face on your products and services for a price reward you define (minimum of $269 at the time of writing).

Each new entry typically receives 100+ submissions and you have the freedom to pick the name you like or steer the project into another direction based on the input halfway. After a project is over you have the full rights to your newly acquired brand name.

Click here to visit crowdSPRING

Logo Design

After putting a name on your business you’ll need a proper logo to go with it as well. The internet is crowded with graphic design companies and contest sites. You can also go to crowdSPRING for your logo, but wait… there’s more.

99designs99 Designs is probably the largest and most well-known graphic design marketplace. You can set up a contest similar to those at crowdSPRING, but you’ll pick a predefined design package (starting at $299) which defines the amount and quality of design submissions your project will receive.

Click here to visit 99 Designs

Website Design

Just like logo design, the web is chuck-full of website design offers. A Content Management System like WordPress and a professional theme design will go a long way without costing an arm and a leg. Now if only you knew where to get a properly designed theme around here.

themeforest logoThemeforest is part of the large Envato network, which houses professionals in a variety of areas. You can pick WordPress themes in many formats, ranging from a simple sales page to a full-blown E-Commerce theme which are all priced between $30 and $50 on average.

Click here to visit Themeforest

elegantthemesAnother great themes site which deserves a mention is Elegant Themes. For a yearly subscription of $39 you can freely download from a wide selection of themes that are constantly updated to keep up with new WordPress releases. Each time comes with user-friendly customisation options out of the box.

Click here to visit Elegant Themes

Now polish up those WordPress skills and get to work filling that theme with content!

Content Creation

Yes, about that content. Constantly writing compelling content for your blog or website can burn you out in the long run. There is a large offering of freelance copywriters willing to lift that heavy task of your shoulders. Don’t fall for the $1 articles you may stumble across. There’s much more quality available.

textbrokerAt Textbroker for example, you’ll have access to a large database of content writers that can comply to your defined guidelines when writing an article. You ask for a one to five star article which determines both the price you’ll pay and the quality of the article that gets delivered. Textbroker takes a small charge per article as fee.

Click here to visit Textbroker

All in one outsourcing

If you’re looking for a single stop for all your outsourcing needs there are a few large sites that do this.

At and you can search for every kind of Virtual Assistant possible to assist you in development, administrative services and more.

Rule of thumb on these sites is to first go off the ratings and reviews, try out a select few people that meet your criteria and start with a small project to eventually find your freelancer for a long term project.

And remember, if the hourly tariff seems to good to be true, it probably is.

Finally, If you’re really tight on budget you can catch a taste on outsourcing tasks at Fiverr where every offer will cost you $5. Even though this place is also filled with -a lot of- low-quality offers, you can still find some unique gems if you look hard.

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