Quick Tip: How To Get More YouTube Views

Ricardo de JongRicardo de Jong

Next to the myriad of shady, artificial YouTube view providers, there is a lot you can do yourself to gain more YouTube views and channel subscribers.

Today’s quick tip is about putting Video Responses to good use in reaching your target demographic.

You probably have a good idea of what search query you’re targeting with your newly created video. But the competition is heavy and there are several pages of results outranking your video.

It’s time to piggyback on the popularity of the top ranked, viral videos and take a slice of the traffic pie.

Type in your search query on YouTube and find a related video that has already acquired a lot of views. Now instead of posting a text comment click on the ‘Create a video response’ link:

create video response

Now, you can choose to either reply with one of your existing videos or create a new one for this purpose. After submitting your video response you’ll receive a message of either the response being posted or that the video owner should first approve your response before it’ll show up.

Keep in mind that you can use each of your videos only once as a video reply. Making a new video reply will remove your previous response listing.

What’s great is that your video will show up just below the top comments and traffic will drip through to your interesting looking response.

video response examples

For best results, find the videos that will auto-approve video responses and that don’t already have several video responses in place, as only the latest 2 video responses will be shown on the video’s page.

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