SocialAdr Adds Social Engage Service

Ricardo de JongRicardo de Jong

SocialAdr, the online social linkbuilding service has now added a Social Engage service to their subscriptions. This service activates your social media accounts and adds relevant content attempting to build up a relationship with your followers

This service seems to fill out the gap in between owning an account that solely posts (spammy) links and using an account to fully engage with your audience on Social Media.

Ben and Kane from SocialAdr clarify that this service is operated by real people, ‘who research content that would be interesting, funny, or engaging for YOUR audience and post it to your accounts. They’ll even respond to comments and questions from your fans.’

At the time of writing the following monthly subscriptions are available for registered SocialAdr users:

social engage subscriptions

We’re looking forward to the development of this service. It might be a good addition to the Social Media manager’s arsenal.

Click here to register an account with SocialAdr (affiliate link)

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