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Ricardo de JongRicardo de Jong

After the recent news of SocialAdr adding a new engage service, it’s time to take a closer look at this social linkbuilder and what it can do for your website and SEO.


While the term ‘linkbuilding’ did get quite dirty over the last period with Google cracking down on artificial search engine results, a linkbuilder is basically what SocialAdr still is at its core. The service offers a network of real social media accounts owned by real people, that share around links posted on the website for credits, with which you can buy shares for your own links in turn.

socialadr share queueThe amount of credits you receive for a share or like depends on the social media account and the amount of followers you have on that account. The more followers you have, the larger amount of credits you’ll receive in return for a single share.

What if you have but a few followers on Twitter then? It’ll take a lot of time in order to have your links shared back, plus you don’t want to spam your followers with spammy, unrelated links each day.

Well, this is where the paid accounts come in at SocialAdr. For a paid subscription you receive a specific amount of credits each month which are used to share your submitted links to the connected Social Media accounts, with no extra effort necessary on your end. If you require more shares for a month or when you run out of credits you can upgrade your plan or do a one-time purchase of extra credits.


I’ve used SocialAdr’s Lazy Linkbuilder plan on a select few niche websites over a period of a few months. The plan costs $47 per month and provides you with 1680 credits each month, which translate to 2.8 cents per backlink. You’ll receive a few shares per day on different social media accounts and get notified of this by e-mail.

socialadr accounts

The website links submitted to SocialAdr eventually proved to be indexed faster than other links on my websites. Also, for low-competition keywords, an initial high ranking could be achieved just by writing proper content and adding a little bit of SocialAdr.

It seems the number of shares eventually hit a sweet spot after which future shares had little effect on my search engine ranking for that link. Therefore it seems wise to switch up your bookmarks after 100 or so shares so you can give other pages on your site some social loving too.

The Verdict

Social signals have grown to be a noticeable ranking factor since the last major Google changes and with this in mind a service like SocialAdr looks to be logical addition to your SEO toolset.

If you have an authoritative website and a large following on Social Media that eats up your content, then SocialAdr isn’t for you. This service is perfect for people that write good content and wish to receive that needed kickstart in the search engine results.

This is not a service that can stand on its own, but it’s perfect to complement a well-balanced SEO strategy for your new website.

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